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The Great Minecraft Railway


The Great Minecraft Railway is a fictional railway map, good for an RP


Bálint (@xernover)

v1.16+ · Angol nyelvű · ID347857568856958






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Some points about this world:

1. Its more than half an hour to traverse the entirety of it in one go.

2. Single line: Sorry, I don't have the patience for double lines! But there are a few double, triple and quadruple line stretches, very rare.

3. A few buildings: Not a lot of construction around the tracks, I prefer it that way. I'd rather have it connect the existing villages.

4. Straight direction: Not too many annoying twists and turns.

5. Around 10 proper stations, a few more unnamed halts.

6. Very scenic: the lack of buildings allow us to marvel at the landscapes as we roll by. Thick forests, barren deserts, everything.

7. Traverses almost all biomes. You can customize it by adding stops wherever you want by just placing an unpowered powered rail. No redstone trickery.

8. Lots of bridges and tunnels! Enjoy your Journey!

There is two lines

1. The Great Minecraft Railway Line: From the Northern Terminal to the Egyptian Desert Settlement

2. The Great Frontier Railway (GFR): Starts at the Egyptian Desert Settlement currently runs upto the Hilltop Halt.

The map is English, and also was started in older versions, me and my friend forget about it, but we updated it. So if there is some bug please report inmidently

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A legfrissebb verzió (1.19.80+):

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